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I don’t need an editor…

Why do I need an editor? I can read– in fact I’m really good at that. I can get all those great advice books that tell me how to self-edit, and then I’m there, right? No. The answer is no. You need those advice books to help you revise so you can then get into the … Continue reading →

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He Pays a Visit

  You finish writing a novel, you polish and rewrite, hand it over to your agent and re-polish and rewrite again, pass it on to the editor at the publisher and do that all again, sometimes writing new sections or insights to answer their queries. The book goes out, people read it, comment, give reviews. … Continue reading →

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closer and closer

Two days ago I hit send on the final edits of Future Past. We’re done now, publication’s slated for this May, 2013. I’m soliciting blurbs for the cover, and drawing a few deep breaths. What a fascinating process. I’ve known a lot of great editors — been really lucky in my experience, but I feel as though this … Continue reading →

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answers for a writer

I received these questions from a fellow author, Eileen Schuh, who wrote Schrödinger’s Cat and THE TRAZ.  Check out her link: Magic of the Muses: http://ow.ly/dRLWO What fun giving answers to these questions – fellow writers, help yourselves! What is the working title of your book?  Night Must Wait  and it looks like this will … Continue reading →

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time to catch my breath

Last two weeks or so I’ve been running through the entire manuscript of Night Must Wait doing a stem to stern edit on it. I thought I’d done so many edits for that story,  surely I could just sail through, plucking the occasional typo and feeling good. Well guess again. I ended up recrafting sentences, cutting, cutting … Continue reading →

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Feeling virtuous today for having finished a full edit. I hit ‘send’ on the manuscript. I’m full of curiosity to see what the publisher’s editor tells me to do, and my firm plan is to be obedient! We’ll see how well I keep to my fine intentions. I don’t know how many of you writers … Continue reading →

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