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He Pays a Visit

  You finish writing a novel, you polish and rewrite, hand it over to your agent and re-polish and rewrite again, pass it on to the editor at the publisher and do that all again, sometimes writing new sections or insights to answer their queries. The book goes out, people read it, comment, give reviews. … Continue reading →

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old ties rediscovered

I just spent a wonderful hour talking with a woman I haven’t seen since 1967 in Nigeria. When I paint I often find memory rising up around me so dense and real that it’s hard to press it away. I’d been thinking of Jean and her infinite kindness to the child I was, in a … Continue reading →

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Night Must Wait and history

Most readers asked about expatriate writings on Africa will think of Let’s Not Go To The Dogs Tonight, West with the Night, Out of Africa, all of which are memoirs. This is not, though it may attract some of the same audience fascinated with Africa. Maybe we can consider The Poisonwood Bible and Nowhere in Africa … Continue reading →

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the writer’s plan

     I’m looking over the author’s marketing plan and the first prompt is a question about ‘what were your goals in writing the book’. Gives one to think, doesn’t it? Or if you’ve been doing too much editing in the past few weeks, gives you the urge to scream and run out of the … Continue reading →

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