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Horror, with a Little Help

Picture us sitting by the fireplace, three cats on the footstools, people in the armchairs, fire chirking cheerfully away. “I want to write a horror story,” I said. Husband smiles. Kid still buried in her book., turns a page. “I think it should be set in Isla Vista,” I said, making it up as I … Continue reading →

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some peaches and some screaming

Peaches, fuzzy skinned, gold and red, the smell surrounds you in the orchard right now. Three more days and I believe it will be over. I’m making a pie today, in between harvesting and weeding. However what’s on my mind is the strange feeling of having finished the first full draft of the horror novel. … Continue reading →

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time to catch my breath

Last two weeks or so I’ve been running through the entire manuscript of Night Must Wait doing a stem to stern edit on it. I thought I’d done so many edits for that story,  surely I could just sail through, plucking the occasional typo and feeling good. Well guess again. I ended up recrafting sentences, cutting, cutting … Continue reading →

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