“Robin Winter’s Future Past is an original, meticulously crafted science fiction tale that blends the fantasy of Pinocchio and the hero’s journey with elements of time travel, redemption, and a post apocalyptic world that brings readers to a satisfying, yet unexpected conclusion.” – Matthew J. Pallamary


“Robin Winter’s Future Past is a speculative sci-fi novel that mixes in fantasy elements through its use of time travel to the past. Reinforcing what Ray Bradbury posited in The Sound of Thunder, that mucking about in the past can have dire consequences on the future. Future Past reminded me of The Great Gatsby in that the narrator Ash, at the outset, is not as interesting as the Thane Gehir character (his beautiful Frankenstein monster creation). It took me a while to grow to like Ash. Unlike some male characters in sci-fi/fantasy who lust, rage, laugh and conquer, during the first third of the novel, Ash broods, spasms, vomits, and cries. Ash becomes a more compelling character when thrust back into time. Then he is forced to fight & act to survive, and not think so much. Future Past is extremely well-written, and Robin Winter’s world-building skills are consummate.

“Perhaps in these bleak worlds of plagues, scientifically-engineered individuals, and gory sword battles, a little humor here and there could leaven the darkness. No, not slapstick, or jokes with punchlines, but a little gallows humor–as authors like Shakespeare and Samuel Beckett have been known to employ. Future Past is highly recommended. Looking forward to reading more of Winter’s thought-provoking novels.” – Jack Tavish


“Truly imaginative, unique, and gripping — I really really liked it! Robin Winter has a gift for inventing a world we’d be interested in saving, characters we’d be enriched to meet, and ideas about the human condition we’d be wise to ponder.” – John Foran


“Winter shows the strength and versatility of her writer’s voice in Future Past. Published shortly after her debut novel Night Must Wait, in which the setting offers a strong sense of place as a separate character, the science fiction themes of Future Past haunts the reader long after the book is finished. Her first person approach with Ash gives chilling insight into a man-made world with apocalyptic consequences. Winter’s prose is crisp and her pacing sharp, giving fans a science fiction a thrill that is worth the spooky ride.” – Gretel Russell


“Robin Winter’s Future Past has it all: action, suspense, intrigue, twists, beautiful characterization…the works! It’s one of those books that at the very least is an epic tale to devour on a Saturday afternoon, yet if readers want to dig deeper into the philosophical and psychological meaning hidden in plain sight throughout the story, that is open too. Great read, great author!” – Josh


“I found Future Past because I’d read and loved Robin Winter’s debut novel, Night Must Wait, a thriller set in the midst of the Nigerian Civil War of the 1960’s.

Future Past, while drastically different in most ways from Night Must Wait – genre, tone, subject matter – delivers the same quality of elegant prose and voice I found so inviting in the first work.

“Without dropping spoilers left and right, there is time travel after all, I will say that Winter does a fantastic job of world-building, a must in any sci-fi adventure.
While presenting a terrifying, and hopefully not prescient, cautionary view of our future and the effects of global warming, genetic engineering, religious extremism, state-sponsored paranoia and more, ultimately the story can be pared down to a tale of redemption, friendship and the goodness of humanity, despite ourselves.

“Pour yourself into the world and enjoy the ride.” – Norman E Thoeming


“Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? Two men know their answers. They were created to go to Hell.

“The best science fiction is hard core with a heart, the hardware and the software of life. They are myths, and, of course, like us, the heroes are flawed. Ms Winter tosses us in with two such heroes, time travelers who, inside, are both Morlock and Eloi. Both are deviant and innocent and proud. Together with two comrades, they chase across time. But the holocaust they had unleashed follows, outwits them. With them, we travel through time. We watch their hearts as they try to make amends, before there is no one left to forgive them, before Hell becomes a better place to be then Earth.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.” – Rob F