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I’m posting this one because I came across it in the pursuit of something quite different in my files. However, it illustrates what I think portraits should do– depict body language more than features, and give a sense of context. Here are three people I know well, exploring the land and the plants they love. … Continue reading →

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Here it is at last

My new show at Sullivan Goss can be viewed here Enjoy!              

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new works

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a handful of images

These paintings all are recent work. I’ve had a ‘flu and still feel sticky-brained, so I figured it was time to share some of these instead of words.

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Don’t Wait

I am so afraid of my own procrastination that I work fast, in a fury of action. I break brushes. No, not the hairs, the handles. I learned early on as a painter that the point is never THE painting, that when a painting is done, you continue on with the accreted abilities, and passionate … Continue reading →

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Two more from the past

The Tattered Hill   Dark Hills Near Salinas Both of these oil paintings date back many years. They also belong to the collectors of last post’s pieces, who let us house their paintings during the renovation of their home, and it has been a pleasure to have this opportunity to live once more with my older … Continue reading →

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The Repeating Hills, 1993 and 1990

I suppose I should explain– the owners of this painting are renovating their home and asked if I would house this work of mine plus a number of my others they had purchased over the years, and of course I was delighted. Delighted to remake the acquaintance of these works, to be able to spiff up the … Continue reading →

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Around the Corner

I have tried again and again to keep a diary, but the self-centered repetitions and petty quarrels I found myself trying to make into comedy read like belly button lint. My definition of belly button lint? The sort of meanders that no one but the author really cares to examine. If you keep a daily … Continue reading →

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a fall of snow

I’m painting snowscapes out of memory. I sit in my studio in Southern California with the bzzzt of hummingbirds flashing by, the dull fog rising and sun glimmering through. But I’m not here. I’m in winter, trudging across the slopes in New Hampshire. Former family land, once farmed by my blood. I stroke the brush … Continue reading →

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Of Paintings, Permanence and Picnics

  Here are two twenty-year-old sketches for paintings, done in ink on paper. The originals measured about seven feet by four, each, though I’ve cropped the images because of the torn bits and the logs I put down to keep them flat for photographing. If you saw the entire original photos you’d also see the … Continue reading →

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