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A Gesture of Oaks

On this early December day I give you a gesture of oaks. A portrait of some of the oaks I see nearly every day when I take my walks. You can see why I look upon this and see a painting. I’ve heard it said that in order to paint the landscape there’s no need … Continue reading →

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paintings from the winter

  Oak Over Modoc is a small painting about five inches by ten. The tree exploded into brilliance when the late sun hit the branches. Behind it the slope drops off into a tangle of shrubbery, and below that lies a wetland that the Chumash Indians used to frequent and plant with medicinal herbs. Here’s … Continue reading →

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a string of harps

a string of harps           I’ve stepped back from painting these past few days to plunge into the next novel’s rewrite. But the change forces me to wonder, what happens in writing that doesn’t in painting? I know I serve both arts because neither one has all that I need. Am I … Continue reading →

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sun struck

I ‘ve been silent longer than intended and here’s why. I’ve been off these past few weekends teaching landscape painting. En plein air has been much misunderstood – in my book it is one of many ways to face the process of painting, not the one holy path to truth.   But en plein air … Continue reading →

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