The Repeating Hills, 1993 and 1990

P1010465 copy

I suppose I should explain– the owners of this painting are renovating their home and asked if I would house this work of mine plus a number of my others they had purchased over the years, and of course I was delighted. Delighted to remake the acquaintance of these works, to be able to spiff up the frames and clean and re-varnish and re-photograph them all. I no longer use the old Kodachrome slides, sigh. It’s all digital now and I have the database on an Excel sheet in my computer that names all the paintings and gives each its own number, dimensions, all the information that seems important to me.  This one is 17.5″ x 38.5″, painted on a gessoed board. Click on it if you want to see it as it really is, all rich onionskin and glowing grass. I’m still really fond of this piece, and have never chosen to try to do another quite like it though this set of hills is a favorite motif of mine. I often speak of it as the HIlls, Hills and Hills… or the Hills “cubed”. Below, for contrast, a springtime painting done a few years earlier of the same place. You will see differences in the configuration of the hills– I am often amused to realize how much my eye varies its weighting of elements even when I myself believe I am painting the same place! Stones move around, angles of repose shift a little. I am no camera; that much is clear.

1990 #103

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