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Interview Dinners

Our geology department has faculty job candidates coming through and to hold down costs, candidates will not be put up in hotels but in faculty guest accommodations. The advantages? Casual discussions over coffee in the morning and with that a far better sense of what living and working here is like. As I used to … Continue reading →

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glorious food

    I sit here at the computer patting my warm sleek black cat who purrs as though it all means something. But cat, I’m procrastinating. There are soaked kidney beans to be boiled then baked this afternoon in slathers of molasses, packed with sweet onions and mixed with mustard. There are chicken thighs to … Continue reading →

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brownies for a cloudy day

The clouds have come in, rank after rank of them, all similar in shape and size, hundreds of them like a herd of sheep leaving only a few bits of blue left in the sky. Gone chilly, a stir of wind in the dead leaves of my grapevines. I hope for rain. So I think … Continue reading →

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It’s a foggy Monday morning and I ought to be making sure the house presents a reasonably clean face for Wednesday and Saturday’s dinner guests, not to mention the major party a week from Wednesday. But of all uninspiring things, surely the job of house cleaning must top the list? Won’t our food and conversation … Continue reading →

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