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Interview Dinners

Our geology department has faculty job candidates coming through and to hold down costs, candidates will not be put up in hotels but in faculty guest accommodations. The advantages? Casual discussions over coffee in the morning and with that a far better sense of what living and working here is like. As I used to … Continue reading →

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Grape Pie

While I am working on setting up pages for the free novel I want to share with you, here’s something to satisfy your appetite. The original came from a graduate student my husband knew, but I have tweaked it again and again and can’t even recall if I have converged back on the original! Grape … Continue reading →

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lemon juice

I wrote many drafts of this story based closely on a real conversation with my father some years ago. I workshopped it a few times, but the fascinating thing is that the original had more life than the rewrites. So this morning I went back and recast it and I think this is what it … Continue reading →

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