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Two novels and an invitation

  I’m honored to have you read my blog, delighted and impressed by how many people the ‘Fresh-Pressed’ award brought me. But, looking at this page, I realized I could talk a bit about my two novels, both published by small presses (Imajin Books and Eternal Press) in the past year. I grew up in … Continue reading →

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First Book Panel

This was a discussion panel at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference — I’m here in purple answering our wonderful moderator Lorelei Armstrong, author of In the Face. SBWC: First Book Panel from Ninety Degrees Media on Vimeo.

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a string of harps

a string of harps           I’ve stepped back from painting these past few days to plunge into the next novel’s rewrite. But the change forces me to wonder, what happens in writing that doesn’t in painting? I know I serve both arts because neither one has all that I need. Am I … Continue reading →

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Santa Barbara Writers Conference

“Why would you want to?” my agent said. “You don’t think I need to?” “You’re a published author,” she said, giving me that look, the look that says I picked you out and we worked our keyboards off and you got published by a real publisher and that means something look. “Well,” I say, “that was your … Continue reading →

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Have a look

I’m delighted to tell you all that I’m a guest this week on author John Daniel’s blog: I first met John at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference in one of the late night Pirate sessions. He was our Pirate leader, his eyes twinkling under ferocious brows. I’d never before read my own work aloud to … Continue reading →

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Abe, you really shouldn’t have…

I found myself posting a one-line review on Goodreads today. Making a face, possibly embarrassed, I wrote “I had too much fun reading this despite my better judgement… must give it four stars.” What was the book? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Look, I pride myself on my reader skills, on my ability to assess a good … Continue reading →

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Panel Tactics

  At LitFest Pasadena I represented my science fiction book Future Past out of Eternal Press.  The panel discussion centered on ‘crossing genres’, between science fiction, fantasy, on-line games, literary fiction and screenwriting.  I was prompted, however, to discuss literary fiction and briefly plug Night Must Wait and speak about my ambitions to continue in … Continue reading →

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May First Release

    Here’s a glimpse of what happens Wednesday, May 1  at Eternal Press Releasing Authors will be on hand to promote their new titles — go to First session is at 2PM EDT Second Session is at 7PM EDT Drop by and say hello to the Authors.  Invite a friend. I’ll try to … Continue reading →

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A Bad Movie

I’ve been told one of my all-time favorite movies is a bad movie. Maybe it’s true. It all depends on what a person goes to the movie to find. “The Man in the Iron Mask”, with Gabriel Byrne as D’Artagnan, Jeremy Irons as Aramis, Gerard Depardieu as Porthos and Leonardo DiCaprio as the young royalty, … Continue reading →

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I find that my dearest of the Jane Austen novels remains Persuasion. Delicate and insightful, biting and awfully funny in a restrained way startling you with unexpected drama that arises naturally out of the characters and their flaws and strengths. But thinking of the beginning I find myself considering how it fits, as so often … Continue reading →

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