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Let us now praise

      I’m behind on this news, but the man is immortal, so I suppose when he died has little weight. I had the honor of meeting and hearing Emil ‘Tom’ Frei III M.D. and his co-worker Emil Freireich M.D. the pioneers of combination chemotherapy, nearly seventeen years ago when Professor Daniel Botkin … Continue reading →

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sun struck

I ‘ve been silent longer than intended and here’s why. I’ve been off these past few weekends teaching landscape painting. En plein air has been much misunderstood – in my book it is one of many ways to face the process of painting, not the one holy path to truth.   But en plein air … Continue reading →

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Cookies for Professor Norris

Gray morning, we may be starting the summer pattern here with the sea fog hanging high in the early part of the day, sometimes dissipating in the afternoon. Hard to concentrate, though you’d think my dark little study would echo the day and allow the best of focus. But I’m not there. I’m wandering about … Continue reading →

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I find that my dearest of the Jane Austen novels remains Persuasion. Delicate and insightful, biting and awfully funny in a restrained way startling you with unexpected drama that arises naturally out of the characters and their flaws and strengths. But thinking of the beginning I find myself considering how it fits, as so often … Continue reading →

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October 28, 2012 I Have A Book!

An interesting weekend So, it’s Sunday again. I spent more than half this weekend attending meetings and learning about the new collaborative efforts between the local Cottage Hospital system and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Fascinating that we can have something like this set up, an interface between research at a university without a … Continue reading →

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October 22, 2012 this is Sunday so it must be

  After I finished working with some images of my Nigerian paintings, of which the above is an example, I picked an armful of my Silver Queen corn tonight and we ate it with chicken marinated in crushed onions and hot peppers and ginger with a splash of coconut milk and some salt and soy-sauce. Add … Continue reading →

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early summer evening

Last night we had guests who talked about why they studied molecular biology,  and the remarkable possibilities bursting the top off the world of biology.  Jefferson,  Azzam and  Low. Amazing, funny and insightful. Brilliant folk. We ate outdoors in our brick side yard under a sky without a moon, the bits of oak buring in … Continue reading →

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